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an example (there are many other possibilities)

Ransomware on the network

Hackers have manipulated documents on the web server with malicious code.

Employees and / or customers call the document. Opening the document introduces ransomware into the network unnoticed.

Your network gets infected by the ransomware and the damage is unstoppable

What will Zelos cost?

The costs for ZELOS depend on your system, starting at $99  per month plus an installation and training fee starting at $699, which has to be paid once.

Can i also pay in Euros? Yes, you can

Do we get Analytics?

Sure, you will get all what you need.

Do we have access to your Data?

No, it is all in your hands.

How long does it take to convert?

The integration of ZELOS is automatic, but depends on the prerequisites.

I have a Multidomain and working with Web-based Software, can i use ZELOS?

Sure, we are able to secure all web-based applications with ZELOS