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Is the invention a unique technology


The invention has a significant improvement in effect and is clearly groundbreaking.


Is the invention technically superior to replacement technology?


There is no known replacement technology.

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This changed everything


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Let us ensure a secure website, online shop or multi-domain.


Always be informed immediately if an attack occurs. Our guardian and i-agent informs and repairs.


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Increase the performance of your website. Without losing your Google ranking.


Google Analytics was yesterday. With ZELOS you have your own analysis without a server in the USA.

Patented and secure
Patent pending in USA


What knowledge does the company have about application and commercial possibilities?


Do commercial activities require special permits/licenses?


Lifetime permission/license approval from the authorities, or no permit/license required for the sale of the patent/product on the market.


Knowledge of the application potential and commercial possibilities.


In addition to support for ZELOS, we also offer you a comprehensive IT service.


Managed IT services like you've never seen before.

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ZELOS can also be used in-house. Our dedicated hardware "ZELOS in the BOX" provides everything you need.

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About us

We (Carsten Klein and Christian Greiwe) founded the company KraLos GmbH. We now have 6 employees. With our development of our Cybersecurity Software Solution ZELOS and the KRATOS encryption, we have created something that withstands the daily attacks and hackers on websites and online shops on the Internet. Our ZELOS software has a completely new approach, which is why we have also registered the patent for our solution here. We would be appreciate to show you in a personal conversation what makes our software so unique.

We look forward to an exchange.

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12/05 - 12/08/2022

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Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023

Nomination ouf our Software ZELOS
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European Enterprise Awards

Nomination ouf our Software ZELOS
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January 2023


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We expressly point out that some of the websites we link here are not secured with ZELOS.
The operators of these websites are responsible for their data security!