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How can the future of cybersecurity and privacy compliance be drastically transformed and made resilient through a groundbreaking technical approach?

Real, all-encompassing private data protection in compliance with the GDPR is currently not possible without using novel and disruptive technology. The combination of artificial intelligence and a non- standardized technical implementation holds the potential of global scope in the field of cybersecurity. New hardware combined with software adapted to it enables action rather than reaction in the implementation of privacy policies in web services and personal data. In contrast, standardized and conventionally conceived approaches to data security are associated with high cost, risk, and incalculable consequences for businesses, organizations, and consumers. The transformation to an automated, resilient, data protection compliant implementation in cybersecurity is an innovative solution for the protection of sensitive data. This revolutionary technology secures the profitability of companies which would otherwise find themselves in situations threatening their existence due to data protection causing considerable penalties.

Current methods in cyber security and compliant implementation of the GDPR

The function of current technology, common hardware and software systems, are transparent and thus easy to manipulate. It is always only a matter of time before a security-relevant vulnerability can be found and exploited. Those responsible for data protection are constantly faced with the challenge of discovering and remedying a data breach in a timely manner. Different traditional security systems applied simultaneously can lead to significant security flaws if applied improperly. Another source of errors lie in the traditional application of updates. Several security holes can be closed in this way, but the complexity of this current process means that other vulnerabilities may be opened undetected.
Global digitization is leading to exponential growth of users and their data. The sheer number of data to be protected requires a significant number of skilled personnel using today ́s accepted technology. Finding qualified personnel these days is tantamount to a data protection disaster and is absolutely predictable. Designing the architecture where unwanted access or manipulation is impossible the goal of the future.

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The internet has brought many benefits to society. The developmental steps of the internet gave it the form it has today. However, if we do not change this form structurally, if we are only reactive rather than proactive to problems, the cybersecurity issues addressed in the previous sections will only get worse. Therefore, it is vital to change the foundation of web security. ZiB has managed to fundamentally rethink and technically evolve the foundation of the existing form of web services. It solves several information security problems on multiple levels and not only ensures the basic principles of data protection, but also ensures the integrity of the existing data without human intervention. The specially developed hardware integrated with ZELOS Software makes it 99.9% impossible to manipulate.                                    



Is the invention a unique technology


The invention has a significant improvement in effect and is clearly groundbreaking.


Is the invention technically superior to replacement technology?


There is no known replacement technology.


The quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, which may be stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or mechanical recording media.